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Satisfaction guaranteed policy


Products developed by Total Alimentos are manufactured in compliance with the highest global quality requirements for dog and cat foods. All Equilibrio Dog’s packaging features the 100% Satisfaction Guarantee Seal that assures you of Total Alimentos' commitment.

We do everything to make your friend and you fully satisfied with our products, but if for any reason it is not the case, you can find below the procedures to exchange the product.


The exchange for another product within our line will be held under the following conditions:

1. The consumer must complete the Exchange Request form stating reason for the request and providing registration data (full name, address, phone numbers and ID.);

2. When filling out the form, it will be necessary to upload the image of the purchase receipt of the product;

3. After completing the “Exchange Request Form” the consumer will receive the number of “exchange protocol” and should expect the contact of our local distributor who will spend more information about the exchange;

4. The 100% satisfaction guarantee may be requested only two (2) times every six (6) months, which will be identified through the registration data;

5. The exchange is limited to one (1) packaging of Equilibrio’s products at a time;

6. For the exchange, the consumer must present the product with at least 70% (seventy percent) remaining of the total volume of the container;

7. After receiving the local distributor's instructions consumers should:

7.1. The consumer should deliver the product in its original packaging, at the establishment where it was purchased, stating the number of the exchange protocol;

7.2. The retailer must give a new product packaging equivalent to the one returned. If the consumer wish for another item of our line, (s)he may take it paying only the price difference, if any, between products to the retailer;

7.3. The retailer will then make arrangements with the local Total Alimentos' distributor, presenting the number of the complaint protocol given by the consumer and the product returned;

8. The program is reserved for final consumers and does not cover retailers and traders;

9. The 100% satisfaction guarantee does not cover products past the expiration date or outside the conditions laid above.

Annex - Trade Request

I , final customer, brought the product , with expiration date , manufactured in with lot number at the store and come hereby to request Total Alimentos Ltda. for exchange for the reason provided:

I declare to have the product over 70% of the purchased content, which was verified and delivered to the purchased store; attached is the original purchased tax coupon.

Personal Information

Attach the Invoice:

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